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Micromaker Education

We are proud to be working with MicroMaker Education to bring an exciting range of STEM activities into the classroom

MicroMaker Kits

Foundation Start-Up Kit 600x600px.jpg

Foundation Kit

Take the first step on your digital education journey with the MicroMaker Education start-up kit.
Learn how to code using the micro:bit and create your very own wearable.
This kit includes a curriculum booklet that introduces the micro:bit and how it works. In addition, the booklet has 4 lesson activities ready for use in the classroom.
Foundation Science Kit 600x600px.jpg

Science Kit

Using the Foundation Science Kit users can conduct classic science investigations with the micro:bit. To begin with, the code required can be downloaded for each investigation. To take it further, code your own sensors using the micro:bit and create your own science investigations.
Use digital technology to conduct science and STEM investigations with the foundation science kit.
Gain an understanding of how digital technology can be used in a traditional subject to engage students on a whole new level.
The Science Kit comes with a curriculum booklet that introduces the micro:bit and the technology. In addition, the booklet has 4 science investigations that can be used to conduct curriculum practical investigations.
Mini Innovation Board for the Micro:bit
OLED Display Screen
Temperature Probe
Sound Sensor
Moisture Sensor
3 x Connector Cables
Foundation Control Kit 600x600px.jpg

Control Kit

Control components, sensors and motors with the micro:bit!
Build on your knowledge of micro:bit and develop your skills further by connecting and coding external components.
The curriculum booklet included with this kit gives you the basic knowledge needed to begin controlling external components. Take it further with the online control lessons and have a go at combining inputs and outputs
Foundation Foreign Languages Kit 600x600

Modern Foriegn Language Kit

Use digital technology to aid the learning of foreign languages such as French and Spanish.
Improve students engagement and enjoyment in learning vocabulary through quizzes and challenges.
Take it further by designing and coding your very own quiz or challenge using the micro:bit and technology included in this kit.
Included with this foreign languages kit is a curriculum booklet that introduces the micro:bit and the technology. In addition, the booklet has 3 lesson activities aimed at taking the learning of vocabulary to a whole new level.

ZEP Island

(Build a model zero emissions community)

ZEP Island graphic.jpg
What is ZEP Island?
ZEP Island is a STEM learning program based on a scale-model sustainable community of ‘Zero Emissions People’ (“ZEPs”).
To avoid adverse consequences of climate change each one of us has to strive to get as close to ‘zero emissions’ as possible. This opens up a wealth of learning opportunities. 
ZEP Island is about using STEM to design and build a model ‘zero emissions’ environment. The core challenge is to model sustainable scenarios for supporting life, and the aim of the program is to maximise the number of ZEPs you can sustainably support using an A2 (420mm x 594mm) space.
The more STEM and design thinking the students apply, the more water, food, energy and shelter they can provide, and the more ZEPs can live on their island.
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