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Make it fun, keep it educational

DRAMA STUDIO has an easy to navigate interface between scenes and acts.

It provides a quick and easy overview of which roles and lines are included in each scene.

This way the user can learn to work in a  structured way with the full manuscript.

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DRAMA STUDIO features:

  • Multiplayer

  • Numerous characters to choose from

  • Easy user interface

  • Post edit features directly on the timeline

A tool for teachers

You will have access to DRAMA STUDIO’s underlying administration, giving you many options to tailor assignments for your classes.


  • You can create classes and set up groups.

  • Create fitting assignments and share them with the students or give them partially finished plays to work on.

  • Get access to statistics that gives user insight.

  • Bring storytelling to life

  • Engage students in creating in a visual way


We are working in collaboration with Ugly Duckling Games to bring DRAMA STUDIO to the UK and Ireland. We are making 30-day free trial accounts available for you to see the difference that it will bring to your lessons in both Primary and Secondary schools but also in after schools clubs and holiday provisions.

If you would like to purchase the software then this will be via a yearly licence.

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