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Innovative Creative Online Learning.
Provide a stimulating teacher-led live adventure environment in which your pupils can interact away from the screen within a story-based scenario. By combining interactive stories with practical activities our online activity allows teachers to capture the attention of students with an exciting story that delivers education in an immersive and engaging manner.

The Bridges STEMventure module covers bridge design (physical and virtual), a hands-on approach to the engineering process, and a study in static forces related to bridges.

Using an online platform of your choice, take your pupils through the story. They have to escape from an archipelago by building different types of bridges and sharing them with the rest of the class via live video or uploaded video and images to the class folder. The story provides historical bridge design helpers along the way to direct and facilitate learning.  Allows teachers to incorporate local bridges for extra enhanced research and study.
Your pupils will:
  • Learn how to identify different bridges (Beam, Truss, Cantilever).
  • Increase their vocabulary related to bridge design and static physics.
  • Begin to understand the engineering design process
  • Learn about different costs associated with modern bridge building.
  • Have the opportunity to manipulate a CAD adjacent virtual design program.
  • Gain an introduction to modern and historically relevant engineers across different cultures.
  • Finally learn a little about Norse mythology.
Termly Licence Prices:
1-50 students              £5/Student
      51-150                         £4.50/Student
     151-300                       £3.50/Student
     301-499                       £2.50/Student
     500+                             £1.50/Student
For more information contact Mike Carter 

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