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With endless imagination and creativity young people play with PHIRO and together they go on adventures, create stories, games, explore new worlds, all while having fun.

As young people  play with PHIRO, they learn to code and watch PHIRO enact their programming.
As young people  learn to code, they foster computational thinking and problem solving skills, crucial for every field in the 21st century.
Coding and playing with PHIRO empowers and inspires young people to be the creators and innovators of the world.
PHIRO is compatible with Lego
PHIRO is a product that has developed based on years of experience in STEM, a teaching robot with both creativity and fun.
Unlike some robots that support only one Program, PHIRO supports 5 different program controls, and is compatible with LEGO blocks and smartphones, allowing it to combine with more ideas.
Because PHIRO has the ability to have LEGO blocks fitted, it can be compatible with a variety of  LEGO building blocks.
Pupils can create a variety of different musical tunes and PHIRO can be turned into different characters such as animals, vehicles and other shapes
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