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  • Little Musician is a musical feature that includes 8 musical notes with 5 different instruments.
  • When the Taco wand taps on a musical instrument tag, followed by a musical note tag, the sound played by the wand of the 8 basic notes will correspond to the tapped instrument.
  • The sequence of tones can be stored in the Taco wand memory and can be retrieved by pressing the "Play” button.
  • Long pressing (3 sec) the "Play” button will delete the created music from the sequence of tones stored in the memory.

Little Musician

SKU: 364215375135191
    • One Wand (R|G|B), with inbuilt rechargeable battery
    • Organizer Trays - 2
    • 16 coding chips including Volume Control.
    • Games: 8 Musical notes, 5 musical instruments & 1 Nursery Rhyme.
    • Interplay of melody, harmony and rhythm
    • Hand-Eye Coordination
    • Listening Skill
    • Creativity
    • Understanding "Beats” Pattern
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